About Myself

Hi… I am Lee Risar.

I was born in Flores-Indonesia. I am just a poor man who lives a life of radical poverty, chastity, and obedience after I have had a conversion. I felt an overwhelming love in my heart and that made me cry and laugh because of such an incomparable joy and then I chose to live as consecrated man. I love to share God’s love with everyone especially those who marginalize in our society and young man and woman to grow in faith. I have been work with youth across Australia in Conferences, Schools, and Universities.  I felt that is my vocation to share God’s love with everyone else. I am a Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL).

I am Indonesian obviously, and currently, I am studying in  Melbourne – Australia.

My passion is writing so “I am writing as I will die soon” and some of my writings was publish in the Newspaper and Journal and also in Anthology Book with some friends in Indonesia.

I like going to the mountains for bush-walk, sports, drawing and painting (all about arts), writing and playing guitar as well.

My blog was made in 2015 but I just start to write in 2017 after two years in SOLITUDE.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


I love you and I pray for you…


God Bless,

Lee Risar



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