Makna Sebuah Pelukan Hangat

“Sometimes the right hug from the right person at the exact right time makes all the wrong in the world disappear…” ― Sarah Ockler. I am totally agreed with that because sometimes in our life we do not need someone to give advice but what we really need is their presence.

Terkadang aku tak mampu memberi jawaban atas semua rasa sakitmu

Namun aku hanya mampu memberikan pelukan hangat

Dan berharap itu dapat menyembuhkanmu

Lalu aku ’kan berbisik di telingamu:

“Sayang aku di sini…”

Baca jugaMemelukmu


Melbourne Australia: Musim Semi, 2017

Lee Risar



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    1. Hi @da-AL, thanks for your awesome suggestion. I did that already but it might do not appear and added already on the sidebar.
      Thanks heaps.. and I really appreciate that.

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    2. ah – I see at the very bottom — too bad it’s not at top — odd that english is not among the selection — hopefully something they’re just fixing?

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    3. Yeah.. I do not know why..
      When I have been tried to look at the English but did not appear there..
      I don’t know how to fix it though..
      Did you know how?


    4. I think it has to do with the blog theme that we choose — each has different llimitations — & also each theme looks diffent depending on whether we view them thru laptop or smartphone or desktop…


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